Dirk Poorters

Title: Transcendental Tranquility

About the Photo:

With Transcendental Tranquility I take distance from time and strip the observation to three elements; water, horizon, light. What we then see is more than just the observation. By using alienation techniques, repetitiveness, and uncontrolled motion blur, I deliberately create a twilight that allows room for reflection and interpretation, surfing on the edge of photography and painting. The images breath an inviting and intriguing silence. They invite the viewer to a discovery trip, layer by layer, in which he can find the peace and rest we so often miss today.
My concern is always with creating the tableau. It returns people to this simpler state in themselves. Many people say that the work creates a space where they lose themselves, where their stress drops away and they deeply relax. And that indeed is a strong reason why I make this work also, because this is exactly what happens to me in the process of making it.