Chojnacki Charles

Title: Metroplolis

About the Photo:
I believe I have always taken pictures; freeze memory, stop time, turn those thousandths of seconds into moments of eternity. Then the travels, numerous, far away, and more than seeing, watching.
Encounters are what constitute the essence of my work. They are what often guides me. Passionate people fascinate me, inspire me and carry me toward new universes over which time has no control; time, once again.
I do not wait for images to come to me, I go looking for them. This process is my driving force and the outcome is the expression, in either color or black and white, of what I find, discover, what I feel and try to express through the image.
I set aside reporting for a moment, even though I like to think I continue to tell a story, because what pleases me above all is to turn this which is real into something that is less so. Let my own feelings in but allow the viewer’s imagination to go in its own direction, perhaps seeing something other than what is shown there.
METROPOLIS is my vision of our cities. An environment made of angles, curves, lines and shadows where we forgot at times that a human being can get lost within. Nevertheless, he alone shatters these graphics, since he is the only natural form in this environment; could this be the reason for his solitude?
Through these photographs I invite you to look at what is not seen, to listen to what is not said, and to let your imagination go the rest of the way. Have a nice trip…