Axel Breutigam

Title: Exploring Urban Forms

About the series:


“Buildings and structures are fascinating, in particular, modern and contemporary designs.

But capturing an entire structure most often, doesn’t do justice to the beauty found in underlying details. The viewer’s eye is distracted by urban trivialities, things everyone takes for granted and – of course, we are talking about urban environments here – excessive clutter.

Exploring a building from all possible angles of view and finding the parts of the structure which lead to another layer of abstraction is what I am seeking visually. To do so it is often necessary to give space and put things into a reductive perspective.

When successful, an almost mechanical energy comes to light and the images get a ‘sculptural’ feeling. Isolating reality this way through the lens eliminates distraction and empowers viewers to reflect upon their surroundings, and enables them to appreciate the often overlooked beauty found in urban environments simply through artistic presentation.”

Axel Breutigam

“Exploring Urban Forms” is an ongoing project since 2013.

All images taken with Leica M, Leica M Monochrom or Hasselblad X1D.