Minimalist Photography Awards’ Exhibition 2023.
Jan – Feb 2024
PaperLab Gallery (Part of Hungarian Museum of Photography)
The PaperLab Gallery has been operating in the bookstore of Mai Manó House since May 2019. The focus of this small yet progressive gallery space is the photo-based work of such international artists whose main medium of publication is the photobook, an increasingly important medium of photography.
Minimalist Photography Awards’ Exhibition 2019.
July – August 2019
Silk Road Gallery

Silk Road Gallery is the first gallery in Iran dedicated to the medium of photography. Founded in 2001 in Tehran, the gallery exhibits both art and documentary photography. The space of the Silk Road Gallery is a platform made available to the artistic expression of Iranian photographers. Silk Road Gallery’s other activities include participations in international events to present this rich and diverse scene to the Western public. Silk Road Gallery also participates in the well known international art fairs and festivals such as ‘Paris Photo’ Art Dubai’ ‘Les Rencontres d’Arles’.