Third Place, Abstract Category

Dale M Reid

Title: Dejeuner

About the series:

My life experiences comprise both challenges and transitions ranging from managing my life partner’s long-term medical care, leaving the corporate world, and entering the art world as a professional artist. A significant transition occurred later in life when I finally started to live my life as a transgender woman. The combination of these experiences not only allowed me to develop a unique set of skills that personalizes my artwork, but also reflects who I am—a confident, strong, compassionate, caring and creative woman.

In 2011, the oyster mushroom captured my imagination because of its bizarre and varied shape, alien texture, and intricate detail. The uniqueness of each mushroom provides me the opportunity to push my creativity.

While it has been said that my mushroom images are reminiscent of Edward Weston’s “Bell Pepper” series and that my photographic style echoes the Group f/64, the development of the unique set of skills allows me to personalize my images.

Rather than giving a separate title to each photograph, I number the images sequentially to allow the viewer to form their own interpretation of the photograph. The mushroom images are an ongoing series of silver gelatin prints.