Eli Matityahu

Title: Dear Zaha

About the Photo:

“Dear Zaha”
A Piece of Art in my point of view is a meeting point
between the artist and the viewer.

After shooting the frame, I continue the procedure
with post processing, according to my inspiration and creativity.

In my work, I present the reality as I see It in my
mind’s eye. Be it Surrealistic, Realistic or Abstract.

I am specialize in fine art, long exposure Architecture,
and I have attracted to Zaha Hadid Architecture,
so I\’m in the process of photographing and editing
all of Zaha\’s projects all over the world .

In this series “Dear Zaha” I present part of Zaha’s Projects,
as they Were reflected in my camera lens and in my mind\’s eyes

I live and create in Israel with a lot of pleasure and passion .