Chomicki Stanislaw

Title: Lightrooms

About the Photo:

Our living spaces, including their architecture, influence our being and feeling. Architects create built worlds in which people should stay and feel comfortable. Regardless of how the buildings are designed, the quality of the architecture is confirmed by the acceptance of the users. It is therefore the task of the architects to read and interpret the effect of a room with all their senses and from a wide variety of perspectives and to strengthen its qualities. Light and colour play an essential role: large window panes, rooms flooded with light and geometric shapes are characteristics of contemporary architecture and integrated designs. Light makes rooms and buildings – according to their special use – experienceable. It creates atmosphere, helps with orientation and conveys a feeling of well-being and security. The colour white gives rooms size, width and transparency. The series „Light Rooms”; shows examples of architecture designed according to these criteria.
The photos were taken in Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden.