Title: Painting-like

About the series:

Flying above salt marshes is very inspiring. It captures the mind and senses and elevates them to another realm. 
The nature is truly spectacular, showcasing mother nature’s raw and fragile beauty, which never fails to impress with its shapes and colors.
As saline levels elevate during the summer months, the colors reach their maximum levels of intensity before shifting, colors can vary from lighter shades of green, yellow to vibrant red. 
The strong contrasts and geometric shapes of the salt marshes can remind us of abstract paintings.
The resulting photographs combine these vivid and natural colors with geometric shapes, creating a series of abstract stills that fall somewhere between Painting and Photography, somehow: Painting-like.

\”A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience.\” – Mark Rothko
I strongly believe in Rothko’s principles and in insisting on the primacy of raw emotion, to push the boundaries of form and color to make photos appear as \”painting-like\” as possible.

Series of photos taken with my head and my camera pointing directly downwards, on board an ULM.