Adriano Nicoletti

Title: Skēnographía

About the Photo:

Urban space is the theater of a time that we suffer, of an unbearable background noise, of vehicles, people, visual stimuli in overabundance. We unconsciously construct a confused and asymptomatic urban imaginary: in which everything overpowers the particular. We pass through the places of daily life, regardless of their aesthetic and functional relationships, the city flows on us.

There is a time, however, in which we can lower the rhythms and go into the observation of the city: it is the time of the loisirs. A time when finally, new flâneur, we can slow down our gaze and increase our threshold of attention.

Here then is that the city is revealed. Taken in unusual silences, the spaces are revealed to the eye in their constructive and functional characteristics. Through photography, which is fragmentation of space, we suspend the daily flow of increasingly polluted visual stimuli, to arrive at an idealized city; where rationality and aesthetics invite us to reflect on the modern dialectics of architecture and urbanism.

Now the city shows its skin and the particular becomes decisive signifier. The immobility of the pose and the absence of any active reference to the human figure, propels us towards an estival-surrelae dimension, only the signs of usury – deliberately sought – bring us back to an already lived time in which life will resume and the places will return to be its background.

The series extracted from a wider photographic research was carried out in the city of Lisbon in September 2017.