Wendy Stone

Title: Film Stills

About the Photo:

I am inspired and intrigued the movies and television shows depicting the perception of perfection in the 1950’s. When I was young I would watch reruns of “Leave it to Beaver” during the summer. I loved how happy the families in this show were and I was often perplexed that my own family was not as joyful. The media of that time depicted a white picket fence world inhibited by happy families. My goal was to go behind the picket fences and show the struggles between the couples. The white background represents a space that is desolate. These movie stills are part of a greater picture of uncertainty about the roles of both men and women. I like to use objects in my work that pack a powerful symbolic punch, in this way the radiator is used to reference rigidity and heaviness as in ones non ability to move.