Dhiraj Pednekar

Title: Fragments

About the Photo:

“Fragments” are the series of sculptures created by freezing water in plastic objects giving them desired shape and later document them through photography. Plastic menace has been a major Global crisis in Human history fueled by consumer society. It is appearing in the form of Mountains on our Land and floating Islands in our Oceans. The journey of contamination has still continued to our Polar seas; Now Plastic is also taking shape of polar Ice sheets, Scientists have found an unprecedented number of micro plastics frozen in Arctic sea ice, demonstrating the alarming extent to which they are pervading marine environments. Based on their analysis, Polar Sea Ice is not only acting as a store for Ocean Plastic but it could potentially be released as Global temperatures get warmer due to climate change. The movement of sea ice could be depositing micro plastics in areas that were previously plastic-free. These ephemeral sculptural pieces stands as metaphors, like Fragments broken apart from polar ice sheets; reversing the whole idea as ice trapped in plastic objects.