Mohammad Shahab Eslami

Title: Single Life Reading

About the Photo:

“Single life reading, bad quality sultry times” or “Wastes are not all what they shows us”

a part of multimedia visual arts in the same name | make on 2019

The single period is mixed with algebra concepts and relative options.
The freedom of the behaviors we define, to be relaxed against the large volume of our personal feelings that are unanswered.
There is a lot of difference between the door being opened to you and being welcomed and opening our home door with a key and being welcomed with silence. Of course, the kind of human look can also receive spring freshness from the winter, but what we all touch in the absence of the family is a defect, and isolation, slowness of time, boredom, and fear of decay.
Now that I write these few lines, it is been three years since my single consecutive life. Based on the instinct of eating and drinking, this goes far beyond its simple definition; in my mind, the word word makes meaningless and dumb meaning.
I, without wanting to, am family members with many duplicate plastic dishes and covers. Sooner or later I would go to eating foods to suppress my mental trauma.
Whatever they used and removed, I would have to buy them again. Meanwhile, weekends night’s meals were defined with more greed for me to be ridiculous alternatives to the lack of a colorful table and the scents of the parents’ home. Especially since I am not a friendy person and nobody can fill the vacancies of the family. Because I am away from my wife after marriage. They are all immigrants in Iran and I am deported to Afghanistan because of strict immigration laws.
My mother did not stroke us, but she extracted her maternal feel on each plate. I do not remember anything of old taste. I look forward to seeing all worlds values ​​in the smile of my wife when she welcoming me.

Supplementary note:
This Fine Art photo series is designed to form a multimedia suite in the same name. With these photos, several video arts and several old family photos “Vernacular photography” are displayed. The videos arts are edited from family old videos, as well as family photographs “Vernacular photography” related to the childhood of a photographer who is with the family.