Kok Hing Yap

Title: An Elderly’s Laments from within

About the Photo:

My portfolios were taken in Ambon, Indonesia recently by using long exposure technique in order to present serenity and solitary atmosphere. Each wrecked ship symbolises different scenarios and laments encountered by the elderly folks, include sicknesses, loneliness, lack of confidence, impoverished, sex and remarriage issues, and emotion facing the death.

“Having been through the ups and downs in life, only then will we be able to see the true colors of humanity

I have finally learned that there are roads we must walk all by ourselves. Some may have agreed to accompany us through rains and shines, through thick and thin, but there may come a day when we must part on separate ways. Much like a thief, the passing of time stealthily steals away much from us, our pretty features, our true feelings and happiness. Thereafter, we must humbly finish the journey in life alone, treading every thorny path, every single day. Somehow, I steadfastly believe that those having been through the hardship, the ups and downs in life may have more stories about their colourful past.

The true meaning of life is not about how we go through life or how life ends, it instead begins the moment when we let go of unnecessary burdens. Though a vagabond drifting from place to place, with the waves and tides calling on schedule every day, we still enjoy a peace of mind, yet lively enough to stay clean from disturbances.’