Eckart Bartnik

Title: Elven Rocks

About the Photo:

The wheel turns ever faster from one technical revolution to the next. Have we humans lost contact with our planet, with nature?
The Icelanders, 54% of whom do not rule out the existence of mythical elves, do not seem to see themselves as the sole owners of the landscape. They see elves as a ritual attempt to respect mountains, hills, rivers in a different way than just with an idea of usefulness. With their irrational belief in beings such as elves, they honour a balance of power in which man does not necessarily sit at the longer lever.
In my project ‘Elven rocks’ (Icelandic: Alfar Rokk) I wanted to show my respect for this attitude of mind. On Iceland I interpreted rocks as the home of the presumed elves. Perhaps we should open our eyes and our minds to see things in the nature around us that we cannot scientifically explain, to have greater respect for nature again and to be more careful with it.