Stephane Deleersnijder

Title: Regards

About the Photo:

Regards was realized in Morocco in 2017 and 2018. This street photography project aims to talk about Morocco, its inhabitants, its culture and its urban environment through a central visual datum of photography: the look, or rather the looks.

So, the conductive thread of my project is this notion of looks:
– passersby who look at each other, flee, deny or avoid each other;
– people watching something outside the frame;
– men and women who look at me, avoid me, even defy me.

This concept of looks is also a way of saying: this is my view of Morocco, my point of view … In other words, we have firstly the gaze of photographed subjects, the photographer’s gaze and finally the look of those who are the spectators of images. Filigree, there is also a reflection on the activity of street photographer. Photographing in the street is an activity that simply involves looking out into the street. The American philosopher Jane Jacobs wrote: “You must have eyes on the street. It is a more fundamental thing than action and indispensable to it; it is the very fact of looking.” Finally, Regards is also a way of underlining an obvious idea: a photograph is above all an object destined to be observed.

Regards is still under development as a major photographic work will take place in the spring of 2019 and will culminate in an exhibition in June.