Mathis Teis

Title: Coruscation

About the Photo:

Coruscation comes from the Latin coruscatio which means to flash or gleam, glitter or sparkle. In this series I’ve tried to capture moments where the light is so intense that it allows us a glimpse into another reality of our daily life.

Light here is used as a raw material which allows me to shape spaces. Stripped of all references to space or scale, architecture is transformed into pure shape and colour, confounding the line between dream and reality. These photographs are a plea for the imagination.

These photographs are taken throughout 2019 in various French towns and cities. They were taken with a full frame camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark III with an objectif 24-105mm). No alterations were made in post production except color management, perspective adjustment and dusting. I want my photographs to represent a vision of reality. Coruscation is an ongoing project.