Annette Wijdeveld

Title: Dialogue With Silence

About the Photo:

These pictures are part of my graduation series Dialogue With Silence.  It’s an ongoing project in where I explore nature to experience those moments of extreme beauty and magical appearance that the universe provides us. With my photography I explore philosophical themes that aid me within my own process of individual and spiritual growth in life. Themes like stillness, acceptance, gratitude or light can always be found in my work. Within my practice of photography I find meditation. A deceleration of time and a profound sense of true connection to the entire world; always unexpected, but certainly leaving an indelible memory. With silence and objectivity in mind and leaving behind the preconceived concepts of how the world should look like, I photograph the beauty and wonder of the moment. I create images in which time and space are irrelevant, there is only one moment – the moment of ‘being’.