Dirk Roseport

Title: Transcendental Tranquility

About the Photo:

In my work I take distance from time and have nature come to me. I accept the role of a powerless observer and try to deliver graphic-photographic images working only with the ocean, horizon and sky, stripping the observation to the essence. But what one sees is much more. Throughout the years Transcendental Tranquility has become an essentially endless series of unique, emotionally charged images, many often looking more like a painting than a photo. Each of these images, but surely the sequential placement in a series and the repetitive nature of the composition, evoke an almost meditative state. The different layers one discovers exude a captivating, but sometimes also almost threatening silence. At exhibitions I have heard people often say that the images invite repeated viewing, in which they sort of drown until they obtain a sense of peace that is so often lacking in our modern lives.

Which is just a wonderful feeling when you see that happen because it is exactly what happens to me at the moment of the shoot and its exactly the feeling I try to communicate with this project.