Joginder Singh

Title: Form and Reform

About the Photo:
Light reveals shade conceals, and their interaction with surface creates an ever-changing geometry…space envelopes…creates dimension. The frame includes and isolates…sometimes analytical at other times intuitive. Through architectural photography, I explore this ephemera.
While living in India, I did a lot of solo travel, photographing modern and heritage architecture across Europe. Most such travels had a defined itinerary and I had just a day to photograph a single project. This series of images was shot in Barcelona – a building that was entirely white inside out – It was on a day that was overcast…something about the lack of strong sunlight, brought about a softness in the interior where the planes started to merge. I started to explore the lack of strong contrast and started to capture abstract imagery in a square format. Only towards the end of the day, some sunlight streamed in and the character of the space started to change.