Frida Berg

Title: Lake Lefroy

About the Photo:

This project is an aerial study of Lake Lefroy, an ephemeral salt lake in Western Australia.
My photographs are documenting the otherworldly atmosphere created by this sublime landscape, stemming from my fascination with the ethereal colours of salt lakes, captured from an aerial perspective.

Flying at 3500ft, seeing the man-made brushstrokes coming together with almost skin-like textures was like watching an abstract painting coming to life.

Many of my photographs in this collection also consider the visual impact of the mining operations at Lake Lefroy. The mining industry in Australia is one of the largest in the world, often leaving the landscape with permanent scars.

I\’m fascinated by the visual contrast between the minimal aesthetic of Lake Lefroy and the subtle yet striking shapes created by the mining industry, made apparent from above. Where the subtle pastel hues of the natural world meets vast human intervention.

Although my images have a strong emphasis on a dream-like mood & minimal details, they also present a subtle reminder of the complex relationship between humans and the fragile natural world; how despite this being such a vast and uninhabited space, humans still manage to make an impact.

Western Australia, 2019