Jiabao Sun

Title: 命(Life)

About the Photo:

This project was photographed by a 4×5“ large format camera and made with the palladium prints.

“ 命 ” means life in both Chinese (mìng) and Japanese (Inochi). Meanwhile, Shibui is a Japanese Aesthetics, it is a term that refers to simple and subtle beauty. Simplicity, modesty, silence and imperfection are some key elements of Shibui. These factors resonate with me deeply.

To explore the meanings behind “Shibui,” I tried to capture the different appearances of a flower. The dying tulip is too fragile to withstand touch. It can not be moved but it still stands, allowing us to experience its beauty immersed in silence. It is no longer a flower to me; it means a moment, which is a moment before it will enter an eternal state. So is life.