Torsten Dodillet

Title: Displaced Objects

About the Photo:

Displaced Objects by Torsten Dodillet

The photographs were taken during my photographic walks in public space.
Narrow sections, partly graphically composed, show objects, occasionally also “spaces”. I’m doing very intuitive
to the topic. The shown motives are not always visible at first glance, rather at second glance.
I watch from the second row. Through my approach I give this “Displaced Objects” a new point of view
and bring them into the focus of the viewer. The motives are self-confident and direct as a series. The game
with formal design means, colors, a constant distance to the objects gives the series that certain something.
I recently came across a quote from French photographer Eduard Boubat.

“Everybody goes for the picture he carries
Every person possesses inner pictures.
The photographer’s art is
Locate and find places
that correspond to your own inner pictures “.

For me, this quote describes very well “what I’m doing there photographically”. None of my pictures can be planned to that effect
I go to take pictures of something very concrete. I have to find my motives, or do the motives find myself ? Meanwhile
the intuitive has evolved in me into an “Inner Concept”.