Hamidreza Parvizi

Title: Rock Paper Scissors

About the Photo:
(Rock Paper Scissors)
What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name of this game?
Chance? it’s true? We have all had this game experience and we have good and bad memories of it.
This game is an international game that everyone knows. Now a question arises!
Why did I portray this game? At first, my idea and mental image was to be able to portray everything that goes on in my mind and imaginary space, and to create a space that few people have seen less about less important issues that no one thinks about. What concept and what do I want to show the audience in this picture?
Since we all know that in this game we choose all three elements of stone, paper, scissors by chance and I decided to show this sentence in this picture (Don’t choose the path of life by chance, you will lose or burn!). The first image shows the paper between the scissors and indicates that the scissors will cut the paper, and the second image shows that the paper is burned and will be destroyed. In the third image, the light is reduced throughout the space, indicating destruction.
In the whole picture, a cold and scary atmosphere surrounds the environment, which helps the concept and concept of work more.