Bruno Piña Villagarcía

Title: Synergy of Materiality

About the Photo:

Individuals live surrounded by materials which they normally do not pay attention to. Materials that shape the house in which we live, the table where we eat or the bed that we sleep in. How many times have we admired all these objects that are created with a simple purpose, to simplify our daily life? Individuals take all these materials for granted because we have grown up surrounded by them. At the same time, we live in a society dominated by materialism and massive consumerism, thus detracting from the materials we own, for this reason, empowering all these objects in their simplicity is the basis of this project where I represent an interaction of those materials through still-life photography and minimalism to transmit harmony and balance.

Synergy of Materiality is the result of a personal interest in the many materials we are surrounded by and how they react to light, shade and each other. It is an exploration with numerous materials, broken down into their essential elements to produce harmonious work, where abstraction and depth play a big role. This series has been inspired by the Japanese aesthetic principles wabi-sabi, which looks for beauty in incomplete and imperfect objects, thus giving value to their natural state, and contemporary architecture and design such as Scandinavian design, which has been characterised by modernism, simplicity and minimalism, embracing the idea of beauty staying close to nature. This, translated into the world of still-life photography, shapes the world of Synergy of Materiality.

The Zenith angle chosen to capture this project and the flatness of some of the materials give an abstraction to the images that will be challenged by the texture of the other materials, combined with the effect of natural sunlight and shade that restore the feeling of depth, thus creating an elegant dialogue between space and form. With the clean and elegant simplicity of minimalism, I seek a visual impact in the viewer produced by these simple, yet essential materials and, at the same time, I seek to bring the viewer to a state of tranquility, harmony, balance and inner freedom driven by the stillness and the aesthetics of these images.