Lee Ching Kai

Title: Taekwondo … Fusion of Martial Art and Nature

About the Photo:

The series focuses on the perfect fusion of the art of taekwondo and the forces of nature. I utilized the several movements of taekwondo to depict the nature and to illustrate how a person can grow, just like how a plant can grow from a seed to a tree with flowers. I want the viewers to deeply feel the connection and correlation between the martial art and the nature, and to see the aesthetic side of the art alongside its strength and power which are the very foundation of any kinds of sports.


This image focuses on the shape of the ‘punch’ which looks like the seed, and the punch has a yellow background. This means the white and yellow belt in taekwondo. White signifies a birth, or beginning, of a seed. Yellow signifies the first beam of sunlight shining on the seed, giving it new strength with the starting of a new life. The seed has a dark background, signifying a new learner.


This image focuses on the shape of the ‘single knife hand block’ which looks like the sprout, and the block has a green background. As a yellow belt student advances, he will get the green belt. Green signifies the growth of the seed as it sprouts, reaching in the direction of the sun and starts to grow. A green belt student learns to further develop and refine his techniques. The sprout has a brighter background, signifying a growing learner.


This image focuses on the shape of the ‘spear hand strike’ which looks like the leaf, and the spear has a blue background. A green belt student who pass the grading will get the blue belt. Blue signifies the blue sky as the plant continues to grow and starts to have a lot of leaves. A blue belt student moves up in rank, just like the plant which grows taller. He is fed with more knowledge of the art, and his mind continues to develop. The leaf has an even brighter background, signifying a more knowledgeable learner.


The image focuses on the shape of the ‘outer forearm inward block’ which looks like the branch, and the block has a red background. A blue belt student will advance into a red belt student. Red signifies the red-hot heat of the sun as the plant continues to grow and start to have thick branches. A red belt student learns to be more cautious as his physical abilities and knowledge increase. The branch has a bright background, signifying a mature learner.


The image focuses on the shape of the ‘turning kick’ which looks like the budding flower, and kick’s background is grayish. The final stage of a student is when he has got the black belt. Black signifies the darkness beyond the sun. A black belt student begins to teach others, and he starts to plant new seeds, just like the flower which will eventually grow into a fruit that will have seeds which will grow inside the soil. This creates a never-ending process of knowledge, self-growth, and enlightenment. The flower has a very bright background, signifying a fully grown learner who can now teach his disciples.

As I start learning Taekwondo since I was only twelve, I am able to, thankfully, fathom out the wonder of the juxtaposition of the martial art and the Mother Nature, and it helped me grow as a person.