Roland Krämer

Title: Whiteout

About the Photo:

During a whiteout. What do you feel? What do you see? Coldness around you. A blank state of mind. Are you fighting it? Are you waiting it out? Uncertainty spreads around your body. Through every vein you can feel it. On to every one of your muscles there is a perceivable impact. Cramps. You start flenching your teeth. Realizing you are alone. In some form isolated. From civilization. From friends. From family. There is just one way out. You have to endure. You have to fight. You feel the tension building up in your body. Yet you feel calm. As if you are fine with the situation. The snow. The surroundings. Bathed in white harmony. White innocence. As if electricity moving through your body you feel a rise of power. Power that turns the isolation into positive. Like a bright light you begin to shine. Alone. But illuminated. In isolation.

This 5 pictures are part of the Whiteout Series. A series about feeling isolated.