Heloisa Lodder

Title: Studies on Dignity of the Human Person

About the Photo:

Studies on the Dignity of the Human Person * shows a subject cropping from the current political-socioeconomic scenario.

On my daily walk through the region where I live – Paulista Avenue in Centre of São Paulo, I raise awareness about: it is possible to literally stumble at every moment across individuals thrown alongside the sidewalks. Stripped of any human dignity, and as if they were not there, despised and repelled by thousands of by-passers – otherwise their neighbours. And ignored by the State .

In this artistic process, I wish to “withdraw them” from the streets, to reveal and confer upon them some human dignity.
Thus, in a dark and silent background – as a “social blackout” for their invisibility – I seek, to reconnect them with their human essence, while evoking the other (observer) to recognize them as their equal.

* Dignity of the human person is a term used by the Federal Constitution in Brazil. Its purpose, as a fundamental principle, is to ensure to man a minimum of rights that must be respected by the society and by the public power, to preserve the value of the human being.