Vahid Hassan Abbasi

Title: Baba

About the Photo:
India, a country where more than 330 million gods are worshipped. A country where religious traditions play a significant role in the society. A country whose history revolves around the construction and demolition of temples.
In this time of increasing panic and unrest about one’s will being and in the current scenario where the government seems to be completely inadequate in fulfilling the needs of the people, it is quiet natural to follow a leader who would help them reduce their misery, to an extent. On the bright side, these gurus propagate the message of oneness and peace. Many of them have helped open schools and hospitals. Majority of them widely practice and propagate meditation, yoga and different breathing techniques which often helps in coping with a plethora of physical, mental and emotional problems. But none of these are reasons enough to elevate normal human beings to the position of gods. I took this photo in the city of Varanasi beside a temple from a man whom people called Baba.