Pinu Rahman

Title: The Buriganga River & Gol Talab Pond

About the Photo:

The Buriganga River (Old Gange) is a river in Bangladesh which flows past the southwest outskirts of the capital city, Dhaka. Its average depth is 7.6 metres (25 ft) and its maximum depth is 18 metres (58 ft).Photo also shows a big pond named Gol Talab or Gol Talaab (talab means tank) also known as Nawab Bari Pukur, is a small oval-shaped water tank/pond in Islampur, Old Dhaka Dhaka, Bangladesh, located immediately to the north-west of the Ahsan Manzil Palace and north of the Buriganga River.Gol Talab is an official heritage site, designated by the city government of Dhaka.