Stefano Anghileri

Title: Bird dream: seeking for light

About the Photo:

This series represents the dream of a man seeking for an opportunity. The man sees himself as a bird, as he thinks he can fly. Opportunity is the light. At the beginning all is dark and he reached the top of entangled thorns of confusion, ready to fly. From there, he could finally recognize new unclear shapes. A glow enlightens natural light, symbolized by oranges. They are blurred, because nature is a continuous flow. If you grab it, it moves. Man can’t live only of his natural drives. Artificial light, instead, is made by rational and solid lines. It can look seductive at times, something easy and safe, but we are also made of unsettled emotions. We could be misleaded. At the end of the dream, the bird has flown away. Clouds fill the previously dull sky. Now, he has them as ceiling, even if this means he will never be able to fly above them, to freedom.