Emmanuelle Becker

Title: On RoCabinet of Curiosities

About the Photo:

In the fall, trees lose their insect-gnawed leaves. Contorted by the summer sun, they inspired this series of photographs of fantastic insects, animals and demons. This collection of curiosities is a journey into the bizarre — in which pareidolia, and its optical illusions, produce phantasmagorical imagery and hidden messages.
Surrealist theory is an underlying theme in my photography. I am attracted to the wonderful and the strange, in nature, man, objects, situations and art. I highlight the extraordinary and the unsettling, as a path to transcending reality. Strangeness, in our environment, as in art, sparks strong feelings of discomfort, anxiety, fascination or wonder. Peculiar details, unusual beauty, surprising relationships between objects and shapes, and quirky situations are fundamental characteristics of my work. These moments and elements awaken our unconscious. I store these treasures in a personal cabinet of curiosities, whose collection helps me understand the world and penetrate the mysteries of the unconscious.