Ashley Vemwell & Zachary Vemwell

Title: House on the Hill

About the Photo:

This house is like your distant uncle, Greg.

Reserved, slightly ragged and partially toothless. An interestingly odd duck yet gives off a comfortable welcoming energy, like that of a grandfather.

One who has seen many things, and from the look of the darkness within his eyes, some unspeakable. Yet if you take the time to genuinely inquire, he has many truly unbelievable stories to share from throughout his life, filling you with wonder or disbelief that so much could unfold within one human’s experience. Encouraging your curiosity, and even expanding your thoughts..

Somewhere in rural Eastern Washington, this house had many stories to tell, not through words, but through energy. We were simply passing through the area, but we had the impression that a photo was welcomed, perhaps simply to pass along the knowledge of its isolated existence. So there we stopped for afternoon lunch with the company of this house amongst a vast valley of endless crop.
We\’re certain we’ll stop by for another visit one day.