Jonas Dahlström

Title: 07:27:47

About the Photo:

The images in this series are part of my book project called “07:27:47”. Sorted by the hour, minute and second of their exposure, they form a sequence that takes place during exactly 12 hours. Throughout this project, I tried to capture the graphic beauty of ordinary environments by focusing on the strict and minimalistic aesthetics that arise in the interaction between light, shadows and geometric shapes. Combining it with the immediacy of street photography, it can be seen as a study not only of the urban environment, but also of the relationship between this environment and the human being. The subjects are all in a state of transition, on a journey from one place to another, in time and in space. As a photographer, I found myself on a similar journey. In my search for locations, I travelled from south to north, from city centres to end-of-the-line suburbia. The book was finally published in September 2020.