Sven Riemann

Title: Silence

About the Photo:

I photographed this branch many times over the last 3 years – mostly though in context with the landscape around as a more ‘traditional’ landscape photograph. That one day (4th of January 2020 it was) I was in the mood to try something different and isolated it from everything around which could distract from this beautiful dead branch.
I took this photo at the lake Maria Laach in Germany, RLP with my Fujifilm X-T2 and captured the scene for 240 seconds using an ND1000+ND64 filter in combination to let the water appear as soft as possible.

About the name:
While I was capturing, my 1 year old daughter was playing (of course very loud) behind me with my girlfriend. And while the photo was taken over 4 minutes I was going back and forth between the camera and my family and it was like stepping ‘between worlds’. The loud chaos in the one direction and pure silence in the other.