Massimo Giovannini

Title: Vegnam

About the Photo:

Since I was young when I was sitting at the table , during situations in which I shouldn’t have been there but, for many reasons, I had to be there , I always pictured some microcosmos to flee in.
I immagine that the objects around me get alive by memories I lived or I’ve seen somewhere, or they lives in a completely “nonsense” world.
A few years ago, for personal pleasure, I started to recreate in my studio thoose “scenes” focusing only on a single object, because better rappresent the sense of that kind of “daydream”.
Sometimes is just a single picture, other times are a series of photoes on the same theme (for example vegetables, bread, candyes, etc etc).
This serie, called Vegnam (I also love the puns) it’s my first ever, made in 2008 but shooted again in 2019, becasue the old appearence didn’t convince me.
At the techical level theese pictures are made with a Linhof 679 camera, a Leaf Credo80 digital back, and all taked with the same Schneider 150 mm lens: I prefer using only one lens when I shoot a serieslike this, becasue it give me e bigger sense of balance.