Guido Klumpe

Title: Loosing One Dimension

About the Photo:

Guido Klumpe was born 1971 in Germany and is based in Hanover, northern Germany now.
He is almost blind on the left and have 25% vision on the right because the optic nerves don’t pass on as much information to the brain.
Through photography he go to and beyond the limits of his vision.

Guido moves between the genres of street, minimalist and abstract photography. He explores and push the boundaries of genres.
In this Series you find three street shots made before the pandemic.

„Before Covid-19 came to Europe, my work was mainly about the tension between urban landscapes and their inhabitants. But at the lockdown there were no more people on the streets.
That was a disappointment and a liberation at the same time. I was able to extend my self-conception as a street photographer and engage with urban landscapes in a different way.

In the series „Loosing one dimension“ I discover the fragile moment of transition where three-dimensional architecture dissolves and abstracts into the two-dimensional. In my work I want to make the boundary between photography and painting permeable.
I explore the way we see. At what point do our brains interpret something as three-dimensional? What optical reference points does this require? How do I reach the narrow range of ´as well as´?
When the viewer loses orientation and can’t tell for sure what they see, which parts of the image are in front, and which are behind, they experience a bit of how I sometimes lose my bearings in the world.“