Mathis Teis

Title: Heliopolis

About the Photo:

Heliopolis, refers to the solar city where deities related to the sun were worshipped in lower Egypt 2600 years before our era.
The sun, source of light, is the genesis of all photography. Without it everything would be darkness. For his Heliopolis series, Mathis photographed architectural elements at the moment when the sun is at its zenith and the light is so intense that it plunges into darkness the spaces that are inaccessible to it. He used this particular light to play with shadows and contrasts. This allows him to model urban spaces and create works with a pictorial rendering. In these photographs, shapes, colors and textures interact and form a language of their own. Devoid of any visual reference, these photographs question our perception of reality, and open us to an imagination between reality and abstraction.