Dale M Reid

Title: Poetic

About the Photo:

Mushrooms, including oyster, lobster, shiitake, and pine, captured my imagination. My creative vision uses their bizarre and varied shape, alien textures, and intricate detail combined with composition and lighting skills to present an abstract view that will engage the art collector’s and enthusiast’s imagination. Utilizing the depth and warmth of silver gelatin prints, I bring to life elegant and sensual mushroom images.

I have taken a minimalist presentation against a square black background not to distract from the images powerful poetic voice.

To provide the viewer the opportunity to form their own interpretation, I have numbered the images sequentially.

While the images are reminiscent of Edward Weston’s “Bell Pepper” series and that photographic style echoes the Group f/64, my artistic vision and lighting skills creates a unique and powerful statement.

This is an artistic project started in 2011. The submission includes images release late 2021. The edition size is five handcrafted silver gelatin prints per image.