Timo Lemmetti

Title: Without a Sound

About the Photo:

Somehow this photo is dead quiet to me. Like a recording booth when you hold your breath. Looking at this photo I feel extreme calmness with a touch of claustrophobia. Imagine been tucked really tight in sheets but lying in the open air, looking at a vast and beautiful scenery. Anyway, I shot this one in Marrakech on a winter holiday. I was already infatuated by those orangy, graphic buildings but the bird caught mid-flight with its wings shut was like a lottery win.

Timo Lemmetti is a Helsinki based free time photographer with a minimalistic yet cinematic approach. He tries to tell stories and create mental images with a least amount of elements by cutting off the visual noise. Visually he draws inspiration from looking up and finding interesting compositions formed by architecture, negative space and things that might be flying in the sky.