Janelle Montenegro

Title: Black Baloon Series

About the Photo:

This series was made using a Black Balloon as a prop. The Balloon is not Photoshopped into any of the photos, they are in camera photos.

This series of photos I’m working on is focused on mental health. The settings for these photos are places that are meaningful and sentimental to me; places that have always given me clarity, peace of mind, and happiness. With the black object representing mental health, the concept is that while these settings bring me happiness, past trauma, anxiety and depression is still present with me no matter where I go, especially in places where I shouldn’t have those feelings. Ultimately, it subtracts space away from what could be a completely beautiful moment. It was very important to me to make the object tangible because mental health is very much a reality and not a fabrication of the mind. I also wanted it to be relatable to my audience. The object may represent one thing for me, but it can mean something different to everyone. Be it a loss of a loved one, mood disorders, psychosis, anger, anxiety, insomnia, ptsd, or even heartbreak, we each have been through something that follows with us, that takes a little piece away from those precious moments where we could fully feel good. Sometimes it’s important to recognize the very real existence of it, whatever it may be.