Allen Koppe

Title: In Time

About the Photo:


I have always been drawn to minimal uncomplicated imagery. I like the simplicity and balanced harmony of minimalist photography where elements are arranged in a manner that removes the noise and clutter of our everyday world and allows the unique subjects, shapes and forms to be revealed in quiet isolation.

With this series of works I have sought to create a pictorial fable, a myth where the imagery sits between reality and the imagined.

The use of collage and the re-assembling and layering of photographic elements helps to shape the narrative. These images are a contemplation of isolation, a depiction of a surreal, future world where majestic animals are seemingly lost amongst the remnants of the human juggernaut.

The power of the works can be found in their representation of the sanctity of nature, the beauty of the natural world and its vulnerability to the environment impact that human’s have on the planet.