Jerad Armijo

Title: Happy

About the Photo:

I am the earth with a core of molten icy blue hues
Layered with imperfect prismatic iridescent colors
Never peeling back the imperfections of my heart
Allowing the light to seep and saturate into the gradients of supple pigments
I’m becoming happy

I’ve had a traumatic past in my twenties, that left layers of distress on my heart. As time past, the more realized that I need to stop fighting the past, and accept the past events in order to become happy, something that I’m naturally not. I’ve had to work for happiness, it’s not a given for me, and never will be. Its through this realization that I’m able to find happiness for myself. I accepted the past, let the light seep through my layers of hurt to warm my cold core of my heart.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition, where you experience one of your senses through another. For me when I listen to music I see color, and shape. I photograph while listening to music to find shapes, and to see what colors might look best in the landscape I\’m looking at. I then add the colors back in post processing of the photograph.