Jerad Armijo

Title: Quarter Life Crisis

About the Photo:

You howled to the pearl in twilight
Shimmering Luna with your false hopes
She said, “give in to my sobering sky, lie in the white, pass away, You’re a quarter life crisis anyway.”
Do you really want to sleep?
Stay sleepless with me
You’re a quarter life crisis anyway
I’ll stay awake with you
Let the resurrection begin
We’re doomed to end either way
You’re just a quarter life crisis anyway

Recently someone I knew tried to commit suicide, but failed, thankfully. This piece is about that moment for him. His quarter life crisis, the moon a quarter full, called his name to come sleep in this fantastic serene landscape with him. I believe death can be peaceful, but this wasn’t their time to rest. I remember our conversation with him stating, “I’m a quarter life crisis anyway.”

I’m thankful he is alive, and wanted to dedicate a moment in time to him in a zen sort of way.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition, where you experience one of your senses through another. For me when I listen to music I see color, and shape. I photograph while listening to music to find shapes, and to see what colors might look best in the landscape I\’m looking at. I then add the colors back in post processing of the photograph.