Jerad Armijo

Title: The Void

About the Photo:

I’m the empty shell in the sky you’ll never escape. I’ll suckle on your light till it run dry. Forever aflame in your heart of dejected seas.

I am a parasite

I am the void.

This piece is about my depression. It’s always there in my heart. It’s a monster that will never be satisfied, no matter how much I feed it. It wrecks my heart and leaves it barren. This is coming to terms with what it is, and being okay in the end.

Synesthesia colors inspired by grimes, “My name is dark”

Synesthesia is a neurological condition, where you experience one of your senses through another. For me when I listen to music I see color, and shape. I photograph while listening to music to find shapes, and to see what colors might look best in the landscape I’m looking at. I then add the colors back in post processing of the photograph.