Tim Booth

Title: Circus

About the Photo:

Circus was once an exclusively family led and animal-based entertainment medium, but in our more enlightened times animals are now seldom used and as a result the focus of circus has shifted.
Whilst circus is still very much a collaborative performance it now focuses more on the individual skill set of a shifting tide of contemporary performers. Many new skills have been added to the traditional tapestry of acts and all over the country individual circus artists train incredibly hard to develop their key talents. This collection of images sets out to highlight their strength, skill and dedication to their art.

Circus, like any performance, is a narrative with its own timeline created to entertain or provoke thought and reaction from the audience. Photography is a slice of time and cannot tell the performer’s story. There is no beginning or end except for that created by the viewer, so these images intend to encourage a thread of time to be teased out by the viewer’s imagination.