Guido Klumpe

Title: Small additions

About the Photo:

A Series of juxta positions in our urban environment. Here, I was all about the little details that turn a mundane scene into something completely new.
The Artist Guido Klumpe was born 1971 in Germany and is based in Hanover, northern Germany now.
He is been taking photographs since he was sixteen years old.
After graduating from high school, he traveled through Southeast Asia for one year. From then on he was infected by street photography, without knowing that this genre even existed. All the colors, shapes, and situations poured in on him. He discovered the magic of the decisive moment.

He is almost blind on the left and have 25% vision on the right because the optic nerves don\’t pass on as much information to the brain.
You can imagine it like an internet video with a low data rate. E.G. if there is only one person, he can see some details. In a crowd, the faces are so unclear that he can hardly recognize friends.

„My work combines three genres that influence each other: street photography, minimal photography and abstract photography. I like to explore and push the boundary of genres.
I see my city as an urban landscape. A landscape made up of shapes, colors, reflections and light.
My style of street photography is characterized by a clear visual language, everything superfluous is left out. The overarching theme is the tension between urban architecture and its inhabitants.“