Iker Ortiz De Arri

Title: Minimalize

About the Photo:

Minimalize is a collection about the beauty of the simple things, viewing life through a different angle.

Since I was a kid, my mother was surprised about the things that did catch my attention and my overall curiosity for life. I tended to stop walking, and appreciate moments, objects, buildings.

This collection aims to put the focus on that not clearly perceived snapshots, bringing that simplicity to the front.

My name is Iker (Basque Country), living in The Netherlands. Professionally a designer, photography is a very natural organic extension to my body of work, since more than 20 years ago. I believe I’ve a specific style and point of view, coming from the perspective of design, translated into my photo pieces. I decided my artistic name to be Ikertje (little Iker in Dutch), because of my respect and empathy to the professional photographers and their work, entering their space with a humble attitude.