Jian Wang

Title: Beauty of Yin and Yang

About the Photo:

Everything in the world has Yin and Yang.
The simplest meaning of Yin and Yang can be interpreted as against the sun (Yin) and facing the sun (Yang). This kind of opposition and unity is the charm of Chinese traditional culture.
The series of photos is part of my long-term project of the Beauty of Yin and Yang. Like any living beings, a building exists in nature.
When it encounters light and is reshaped by light and shadow, it presents another temperament and regains its life. In this project, I aim to explore the depth and layering of space, as well as the rhythm and rhyme that the light brings out on architectural structures.
The black and white processing of the original colours wonderfully strengthens the beauty of Yin and Yang.
The combination of these elements to demonstrate the beauty of Yin and Yang is exactly the soul pursued by this project.