Bevil Templeton-Smith

Title: Polychromo

About the Photo:

My photographs in this set are part of a project I have been working on for the past two years which joins my passion of photography and my joy of learning layman’s science. I started with the purchase of a series of very old (>50 year old) research microscopes. Then a complicated process of perfecting the connection of my modern digital camera (Sony A7Riv) to these. The microscope is set up with polarising filters and various experimental wave plates. The result is a set of beautiful “landscapes” of shape and colour when viewing crystals of various substances, with which I have endlessly experimented (melting, dissolving, and concocting). The results are entirely real photographs of crystals of mixtures of sweeteners (sugar alternatives) and other substances. 16 very large prints on Chromaluxe of this work was recently selected for inclusion in a successful joint exhibition called Polychromo at Alveston Fine Art in March 2023.