Irina Lokteva Pikalova

Title: This is From Matilda

About the Photo:

“This is from Matilda” is a series inspired by “Léon: The Professional”, the film that deeply touched me when I was a kid. The movie left a lasting impression on me and has become one of my all-time references. Through this series, I aimed to shed light on contemporary issues such as war, emigration, loneliness, drugs, and social disruption.

This work is inspired by the film’s color palette and iconic scenes. Each captures the essence of the movie but also reflects the current state of the world. I put a great deal of thought into each set design. Simple shapes and everyday objects help me to create representative yet conceptual visuals.

I believe that photography can be a powerful tool for self-expression and raising awareness on broad social issues, and I hope that my photos resonate with viewers in a meaningful way.